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Ordinarycarry.com is a showcase of your everyday carry. It's a website dedicated to sharing what’s in your pocket, purse, backpack, fanny pack (although we don’t recommend this), or whatever you carry on a daily basis.

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Gerber Daily Carry Zipper Knife // Review


Recently, we picked up the Gerber Daily Carry Zipper Knife. We have been wearing it around and using it when we can. It’s a very novel little knife, that’s easy to carry and looks great. The knife certainly is designed for small tasks. It did a great job at opening letters and packages. We would not recommend for larger tasks.

Whats great about it?

  • The knife looks great on a zipper.
  • The knife is easy to carry in your EDC.
  • The knife works well for small tasks.

Whats not so great about it?

  • The knife is only good for small task.
  • The knife was not sharp out of the box.
  • The knife is awkward to hold.

Would we recommend it?

Yes, and no. We would recommend this knife if you want a small knife on your jacket or pack that you can have easy access to in order to open letters or packages. But that is all it is good for, not much else. You will probably still find yourself wanting another knife for every other task you use a knife for. It is a great letter opener but not a great solo EDC knife.


Brett // Unknown


Editor’s Note: Found this image on Flickr. I really like everything about it. I tend to be drawn to all black and brushed metal in all of my gear. It’s nice to see a classic looking carry like this with leather and wood. I’ve never seen that knife before. Click the link above to view the SK Knives official website.


Survival Info // Designer & Photographer


Editor’s Note: Thank you for submitting this carry. I’m a Nikon guy myself and enjoy seeing the D7000. Plus, you can’t go wrong with keeping a 50mm prime on the camera at all times. It’s my go-to lens for everything. I’ve always been a big fan of Leatherman. Just sent in my Skeletool for a repair job and it was a hassle free experience.

Post submission by Survival Info.


John // Vagabond

  • Ti Knife: Titanium Blade and Handle
  • Carbon Fiber Impact Dagger w/ Synthetic Sapphire Tip
  • Proprietary Long Range Earpiece Receiver and Transmitter
  • Minimal Wallet
  • Life Capsule
  • Proprietary Tracker Dot
  • Last Ditch Knife for Weakside: Left
  • Necklace 100% Titanium Chain and Capsule for Emergency SERE Kit: All contents passes most metal detectors, including airports; plastic, kevlar, titanium, ceramic
  • Standard Titanium Bogota Lockpick Set: fixed on ankles
  • Titanium Capsule and Clip for IWB: Standard EE kit for primary use
  • Custom EE Bracelet: Hidden V Cutter, plastic cuff keys, kevlar, sling
  • Talon Blade S35VN: wrist carry
  • Carbon Fiber Clip w/ RFID Shielding: doc protection
  • Modified Karambite Knife

Editor’s Note: Thank you for submitting this carry. Great picture. I’m a sucker for anything titanium so you won me over with the inclusion of it in much of your gear.

Be sure to check out John’s website. It’s a great resource and a very cool website, too. VINJABOND


Jean // Justice Education & Musician


So why is a 50 year old woman interested in EDC?

I really didn’t know this was a thing until I went looking for a nice knife for my son last year and a watch for my other son. In looking around I found the EDC blogs and they were very helpful.

It seemed like such a “guy thing” though, or something that was part of the “bug-out” culture.

Then I realized it’s something we all do, men and women, anyone just trying to be prepared and survive the day gracefully. From the minimalists to the full on disaster ready, the things people carry with them every day are practical, beautiful, well thought out, creative and fascinating.

So… I dumped my bag for you!

I’ve noticed that many who EDC carry guns & knives. I know how to use a gun, have several rifles actually, but don’t think I need to carry one out of the house.

I would like a larger knife however, to carry as needed. I’m open to suggestions. I want something pretty with great utility. Maybe a Kershaw Serrated Rainbow Leek?

Editor’s Note: Thanks Jean for being our first unsolicited submission! You pretty much summarized why we run this site. Everyone carries something, we want to celebrate the simple are of the everyday carry. I would recommend a Kershaw knife for a good EDC knife. I carry a Kershaw Scallion with me everyday. It’s a great little knife. I have heard that the Leek is good as well. Kershaw is a good company that makes great knives. Most of them made right here in the USA.


Jean Paul // Designer


Editor’s Notes: A good simple carry. The Leatherman Wave is a good multi-tool. I just picked one up myself, and should come in the mail soon. Once I get it, it is going in my EDC. I have used it before and was very impressed with it. Easy access to both knife blades, serrated and fine edge, makes this a great tool, you dont have to open the pliers every time you need to use a blade.

You can tell that you’ve had some of the things in your carry for a while, faded edges on your keys and faded leather on wallet. Being faithful to your carry is important, if it must change, upgrade your things. It is very easy to see that you are faithful to your carry.

Overall a good, faithful, and simple carry, the multi-tool covers all your needs. Very useful.


Andrew // Designer

  • Wedding ring
  • iPhone 5 with Speck Card Case (wallet and phone in one)
  • Keys to my house, jeep and my dads trailer as well as fob for work
  • Carmex (for the winter)

Editor’s Note: Thanks for submitting such nice photos. A true minimal carry. Only the essentials. I haven’t seen the Speck iPhone Card Case yet. I like it. I might have to look into one of those for myself. I’ve contemplated the BookBook iPhone case. Ultimately, it seemed like it would be more of a nuisance. The Speck case is simpler and doesn’t look to hinder the phone usage too much.

Beyond that, I’d consider carrying some sort of knife. Something small and compact to go along with what you’ve got. The Benchmade Mini Griptillian is on my wish list for just that sort of carry.

You’re a designer/artist. Any particular pen or pencil of choice for sketching?


David // Designer


Editor’s Note: Again, it seems right that the editor’s carries be shown on here. This happens to be David’s EDC. Don’t worry, we wrote each others notes about our carries. This carry covers the basic needs that someone comes across everyday, wallet, keys, knife, and phone.

We very obviously have a Leatherman fan here. A Skeletool and a Micra, both solid tools. Having the Micra on the keychain allows it to be with you all the time and it features all the basic tools except for a phillips screwdriver. Despite having less tools, only pliers, knife, and screwdriver, the Skeletool does offer more options if you purchase the optional bit set. The external blade offers easy access just like a regular pocket knife.

Overall a good carry. All the basics are covered, my only question is, how were you able to take the pictures without your glasses on?

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